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TimeTravellers 2023

We are so thrilled, exited, and proud to present the breeding plans at Kennel Juneau for spring 2023

Theme for this litter will be TimeTravellers. The names will reveal this.. We will stick to, that we have travelled back in time to continue the future.

Ani has been closely monitored by Canicold, to find the right moment for insemination

In the beginning of February, We took a trip to Clinic Blendivet near Frankfurt.  AI was conducted with succes on February 6th. 

We took Ani to scanning on her day 31th, and our expectations were confirmed - Ani IS pregnant.

We expect puppies to be born around April 10th, and ready to new homes around start June.

We took Leia for x-ray on her day 57th, and wow - 6 puppies on their way. Ani weights 37,4 kg - gained 6,4 kg, around 20% - no wonder she is tired and uncomfortable now. Though she is still happy with a healty appetite

on April 7th - 3 day before due - Ani gave birth to 3 gorgeous girls and 3 handsome boys. 

Ani nurses her babies with greatest effort. All are doing well. Eddie follows with respectful distance.

We will keep a girl, and have found really good homes for the other pups. All pups are spoken for

 Williwaw's River Dance

Sire: CH Braemal's Alyeska Tuaq
Dam: Snotip Williwaw's Windance

Born: 1998-07-25 - 2009-08-28
Hips: Good
Eyes: Clear (2005)
Polyneuropathy: not tested
Long Coat: not tested
Owners: Mary Jane Holabach

Juneau's Sweet Dreams Are Made of This

Sire: Multi Ch Juneau's California Gold Quest WTD
Dam: Lueldar Stardust Legacy


See more information on Ani's page

Pink Girl- Juneau's Looking Back - Going Forward "Mija"- DK

Red  Girl - Juneau's Bright Future "Bisko" - UK

Blue Boy  - Juneau's Time Traveller "Blake" - DK

Teal Boy - Juneau's Journey Continues "Jet" - USA

Purple Girl - Juneau's Back To The Future  "Ziva" - DK

Green Boy  - Juneau's Blast From The Past "Bennie" - DK

Benny is littermate to our Qanuk, and also uncle to our Anakin.

Bitten saw Benny as 9 weeks old, when we picked up Qanuk in 1998.

And again in 2021, when we brought Smilla over to show in Puyallup and Portland.

Ever since Benny has been a strong wish to bring into our breeding program.

Now this wish seems to come true. Thanks for trusting us, Mary Jane and Sandi.

Benny has not been tested for PN or LC, since these tests were not available, when Benny was around. Puppies will be tested, before leaving to new homes.

Benny possesses so many of the qualities, which we look for in a Malamute. Powerful, athletic, well build, standard size – and still a good-looking dude.

Ani – from the moment she was born, we knew she was special - very feminine, well build, very energetic and so eager to work.

To have so many great dogs in the pedigree. Thanks to hard work from dedicated breeders. Without their effort, this would not be possible.

We hope for a strong recognizable type with lots of movement, good temperament and good looks.

This will be an AI breeding, as Benny has passed the rainbow bridge many years ago.

For now semen is safely stored at Blendivet clinic in Frankfurt – waiting for the right moment.

We expect Ani to come in season in January 2023 – expecting puppies to leave the nest start june 2023

Akela whelped 4 puppies - 1 female & 3 males - June 11 2010
All will be staying at great families

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