Lueldar Stardust Legacy - Leia

Date of Birth:
Long Coat
2017 oct 21:
Grey & White
27 kg
56 cm:
Clear ('jan + Dec '19)

Leia is long awaited – in more than one way…

Being Anakin Skywalker’s daughter Leia was the name – the force is strong and legacy passed on…

Anakin has always produced puppies with soft temperaments, great healths and exteriors of high quality.

So of cause we wanted to have a Anakin baby ourselves – to experience this ourselves, and to have the great material to build on for the future.


When Elaine asked Bitten, if Stitch could be a match for Anakin. It was not a hard decision at all.

Bitten had met Stitch at a visit at Lueldar in 2016 - leaving a strong impression of a very nice girl with a very nice temperament.

Decision made, frozen semen shipped, fingers crossed.


10 wonderful babies came into the word. Elaine had her hands full, and Stitch was a wonderful mom raising the rascals.

At 6 weeks, Bitten & Henning went to Lueldar for a visit.

Pretty soon the purple girl was all over us – picking us rather than us picking her.. Decision made.


at 8 weeks - Mid December 2017 - Leia arrived.. Eddie and Leia soon became best friends and are still two peas in a pot. They really enjoy and respect each other – such a pleasure.


Leia has developed – both in temperament, health and exterior – just as we hoped for her. Always ready with a WOO and lots of kisses. She is a true and loyal companion.

Adapts quickly to new situations, and loves to be challenged. Dog Parkour is Leia’s favorite. Very lively and endless energy.

Also another discipline – which her humans do not appreciate – is landscaping. Before we had a nice garden.. now moon landscape comes into mind…


Conformation training is coming on, as Leia is getting older and smarter

She enjoys the attention and treats. Stacks herself, and moves like a dream.

Leia will be shown occasionally.


Leia’s talent as working dog is remarkable. Once she got the idea of pulling in harness, she has been working very dedicated, no loose line from her side. Such a pleasure.


Puppy plans are in mind for 2020.

Eventhough the HD result was not we were hoping for, we have still decided to use Leia in our breeding program.

Of cause carefully with whom she will be matched with.


First and foremost Leia is our sweet girl – the rest is bonus.