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Karsten Schmidt

On the June 26th 2008 Karsten passed away due to a heavy epileptic attack.
Karsten was one half of Kennel Juneau.


Karsten never only went half way, if something had caught his interest

- which Alaskan Malamutes did.

I was just thrilled to be the happy owner of Unalaska's Countess Smilla

from Joan Bach, but Karsten had great plans for Smilla in the show world.

He planned the right show with the right judges in Europe and the US

- which Smilla's show merits reveals...




When we were ready for our second malamute, we both agreed, that

what we were looking for was not to be found in Europe - but in the US.

Karsten spend a great amount of time searching the internet, bought books,

magazines, annuals to help the research. I just thought it was fun reading...

As Karsten's brother lives in Minnesota, the thought of bringing home

a puppy was not that far away.

Karsten took contact to Al & Mary Jane Holabach from Kennel Williwaw.

And we visited them the first time in 1998. We brought home

Williwaw's Qanuk.

​​Unfortunately we lost Qanuk in January 1999 due to severe stomach problems - and an eaten shoe sole…


In 2001 we went back to Kennel Williwaw for a puppy

- and brought back two..
Multi Ch.Williwaw's Anakin Skywalker and Multi Ch.Williwaw's Indian Spirit


Once again the show calendar was planned by Karsten, which shows

on Anakin and Indi's show merits...

In 2002 Karsten and I broke up, but we kept on sharing the dogs

as "part time dogs". A special relationship, which I am proud of could

continue to exist!



When Indi had the Indian litter in 2004, the puppies were born and raised

at my home, but Karsten participated as much as he could..

In 2006 Karsten really wanted to come along, when I together

with Camilla & Carsten went to Kennel Stormyth in Czech Republic

to bring home Elizabeth Elwynn of Stormyth - Akela. A real princess...

In the summer of 2007 we had to say goodbye to Smilla due to a tumor.

That was the hardest thing ever .. to say goodbye to our first Malamute.

Smilla was our special girl...

Karsten possessed a tremendous knowledge in all aspects regarding

pedigrees, breedings, other kennels - and worked as the theoretic,

the analyst, the planner, the investigator - and the diplomate...

It is thanks to Karsten that we have the special dogs we have today…
It is thanks to Karsten for the results we have achieved though the years…
It is thanks to Karsten that I have a solid foundation from where I can

continue the work…

At almost 36 years Karsten left behind Tilde, his girlfriend, Molly their

daughter, family - and the rest of us…

Kennel Juneau will continue as planned.

I know that the decisions I will make in the future, would be the same

as Karsten would make.

The loss of a dear friend will always be there…


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