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Unalaska's Countess Smilla - Smilla

Danish Champion, Copenhagen Winner 2000, Deutsche Bundessieger 2000, Swedish Champion, Berlin Winner 2001, Danish Club Champion, Norwegian Champion, Nordic Champion, International Champion, German Champion, German Club Champion (DCNH) and Nordic Winner

Best Alaskan Malamute bitch 2000 (Danish Kennel Club)
Best Alaskan Malamute bitch 2001 (Danish Spitzdog Club)

Date of Birth:
Long Coat
1997 July 24
2006 June 15
Black & White
34 kg
61 cm:
C (OFA Good)

Smilla is bred by Joan Bach, Unalaska Alaskan Malamutes, Denmark.

Smilla was our first malamute. She was almost 3 years, before her show career started.
She achieved The Danish Championship winning the CAC on 3 shows in a row.

Smilla has several Best of Breed and Best of Opposite, a group3 at the Bundessiegershow in Dortmund 2000 (out of 700+ spitzdogs), and Smilla has a BIS1, as one out of two females for a long time (the other is Indi).
All this has resulted, Smilla is still one of the most merited Malamute in Denmark.
Smilla was among of the first malamutes, which passed the Swedish sleddog test.
In a show ring Smilla always showed herself with a remarkable self confidence rear seen among females.
In daily life Smilla knew her worth. She was friendly towards other dogs, as long as they understood, that she was a lady with her own opinion…
Despite Smilla's impressive show career, we have chosen not to breed Smilla due health problems

On june 15th 2006 we said goodbye to Smilla. A bone tumour had developed on the left front leg, which caused Smilla a lot of pain. No treatment is possible. It was a hard decission to send a dear friend off, who has given us so much.

Smilla will always have a special place in our hearts.

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