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Juneau's California Gold Quest - Eddie



AMCA Working Team Dog

DPHK #3 AM Male 2021, 2022

DPHK #1 AM Veteran 2022, #2 Club Veteran 2022

Eddie_8y_BOBvet Frcia 22_Web.jpg
Eddie @ 8 1/2 years
Date of Birth:

Long Coat
2013 July 4:

Grey & White
37 kg
64 cm:
A/A Excellent
Clear ('14, '16 '17 '19 '21)
LC Carrier
Normal via parents

We were facing a generation change, now Anakin and Indi had passed away. A part of the plan with the breeding Rafa/Loba, was to to get a male in the family again - and what luxury to have four gorgeous boys to chooce from. It was not an easy decision.

When the puppies were old enough to show personality, we fell for the male with the "cool dude attitude". He would be a great match. Along with a gorgeous face, well proportioned body and smooth movements - well then it could only be the green boy, who was to become Eddie.

Eddie will live with us and be our dog 100%. It is almost 9 years since we have had a puppy in the house, so this will most likely throw good laughs and experiences - to get a buldoser in the house again...

We hope to show Eddie both national and international - and if possible, he will help carry on with the breeding program and legacy..

Eddie has proven to be the most cool dude. whomever or whatever  we meet on our way, he takes the world with great style. He LOVES the show ring, and most of all he LOVES to sit on his grooming table and charm everyone , who passes his way.

In harness Eddie can run until the sun is black. He will continue in a steady pace regardsless of joggers, mountain bikers or horses.

Eddie  will always meet you with a happy face and a wagging tail - and you will be his new best friend.

Eddie has proven to be the best choice. He takes in the world with an open mind. Everybody he meets, is his new best friend. Always happy and wagging tail – and expects to be petted.

Eddie is friendly and curious to all dogs – male or female. If the other dog starts a riot, Eddie turns away.. just below his dignity. It is hard to find a male in such good balance.

In the showring Eddie like a fish in the water. From small puppy, he took the lead in the leash, and ran like a dream. At the outdoor show, I need to use golfing shoes to keep up with him.​

He loves to pose for the judge, loves the attention on the grooming table.

Eddie is know for flirting with people passing by, and takes in all the praise he gets.

Eddie does not love his crate though.. “Nobody gives him any attention there..”

Eddie is a steady worker in harness, nice steady pace, which will get us to the target, keeps his track regardless of wild life crossing the path..​

Eddie is a true pleasure – and maybe a bit spoiled...

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