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Williwaw's Anakin Skywalker - Anakin

Danish Champion, Norwegian Champion, Club Champion, Intl. Champion & German Champion.
Bridge Winner 2002, DKK Breed Winner 2004, Club Winner 2004 & 2005.

World Veteran Winner 2009 in Bratislava

Best Alaskan Malamute male 2003, 2004, 2005 & 2009 (Spitzdog Club)
Best Alaskan Malamute male 2004 2005 & 2006 (Danish Kennel Club)
Best Alaskan Malamute male 2010 & 2011 (Danish Polar Breed Club)

2009 Best Progeny #1 & 2009 Best Veteran #2 (Spitzdog Club)
2010 Best Veteran # 1 & 2011 Best Veteran #2 (Danish Polar Breed Club)
2009 + 2010 Best Progeny #2 (Danish Kennel Club)

Date of Birth:
Long Coat
2001 April 28 -
2012 July 11
Seal & White
40 kg
65 cm:
A/A Excellent
Clear (02,04,05, 07,08,09, 10 & 11)
Not tested
Not tested

Anakin is bred by Al & Mary Jane Holabach, Williwaw Kennels, USA.
Anakin has already proven himself in the showring. From the day he started as junior until he was old enough to achieve the Danish championship, he received 10 CAC.
He has several "Best of Breed", "Best of Opposite", Group placements incl. Group1 at Roskilde 2004, and also "Best Malamute male" in both the Danish Spitzdog Club and Danish Kennel Club 3 years in a row.

You can always hear Anakins happy "wo wooos" at the show ring. He is showing himself with a happy self confidence and an outstanding temperament. He does not take notice of anything else beside the treat in your hand.

Anakin is very mellow, easygoing and kind of stupid - but in a good way. He is not the one starting or participating in trouble, on the contrary he is "gossiping" if the girls are in trouble.
The meaning with Anakins life is to get as much attention and belly rubs as possible - according to Anakin. He loves the attention given by children.

Entering the Veteran years Anakin has shown to still have the moves and high quality to compete with the "youngsters",
Anakin erned the title World Veteran Winner 2009 in Bratislava among very prominent competetitors, and finished 2009 as #2 Best Veteran in the Spitzdog Club.

A new and exiting challange has been entering the progeny class, where Anakin finished 2009 as #1 in the Spitzdog club and as #2 in the Danish Kennel Club with high quality competetition.
The highlight was of cause the BIS3 at the World Dog Show 2009.

Anakin has now retired after 10 years in the show ring. Anakin has given us so many special experiences through the years, so the least we can do, is to meet his wish: stay home and slumber under the oak tree.

After a short time of illness, it was clear to us, that it was time to say "see you later" to Anakin.
On a nice sunny day laying on his favorite spot surrounded by Indi, Luna and us, Anakin left us.. It was very very hard, but the only right thing to do for a special friend.
Not a day passes by, without we remember our special boy...

Anakin is available for stud service to selected females by frozen semen.

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