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Elizabeth Elwynn Stormyth - Akela

2 x CACIB; 1 x Danish CAC
Rostock Sieger 2008

Date of Birth:
Long Coat:
2006 Oct 08-
2018 Jan 26
Gray & White
29 kg
58 cm:
B (A/B)
Clear ('07, '08, '09 & '11)
Not tested
Not tested

Akela was bred by Katerina Scheuflerová, Kennel Stormyth in Czech Republic.
Akela was one out of 10 puppies from the breeding between our Anakin and Biskay Princess of Stormyth - Eliska.

Akela was imported and co-owned by Kennel Juneau and Camilla og Carsten Almind Hansen - who also own Juneau's Rain Maker - Balto. In daily life Akela will be living, vandalizing and spoiled together with Balto by Camilla, Carsten and the family in Holbaek.

Camilla & Carstens story about Akela:.
Akela has grown up to be a remarkable well balanced and very loving Malamute. The daily life with 4 boys and 2 cats has had a very positive impact on Akelas ability of not getting distracted by loud noised or running children. She was very fond of the children and greets them with a wagging tail, followed by "whoo" and a kiss.
Akela has a unique relationship with the cats - especially one of them, which she carefully plays with and sleeps closely together with - not exactly typically malamute behavior...
Akela masters - very unusually - the discipline "walking without leash". To teach a Malamute to come, when called was certainly not the easiest task to learn.. and when freedom without leash calls for a healthy and well balanced behavior towards other dogs, Akela was very well socialized and accepts almost all other dogs - if the other dogs understands to "talk the dog language correct"...
Akela was very charming - her pretty face gives her many advances. She quickly learns by using her charm where she gets the most - especially when food was in sight...
Akela was very social, where her family was , you would find Akela. Here comes the spoiled part...Akela takes great advantage of the free access to the couch at any possible option. Akela totally abstracts from her size and very easy & gently maneuvers her way up on lap of the family. Here she enjoys to be the center of the attentions to all the kisses and cutlets from the hole family - happily along with the cat...

Akela has been shown regularly with satisfactory results, and has been bred to Kinuk's He Has It All - Haiko April 9th 2010. Read more about this at puppies.

Akela retired herself after the pups with Haiko. these two gave us more and beyond what we could ever dream of in a litter.

Akela lived a happy senior life as Matriarch with Camilla & Carsten.

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