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With or without Pedigree?


When you are purchasing a puppy, some choose to purchase without pedigree.

A well-known statement is ” We don’t need that piece of paper – and we have only paid half price...


Many tries to pay the lowest price for an article – but as with other things in life – price and quality is related - It is not high quality dogs being sold without pedigree…

It can be tempting, if you only look at the price. But if you know what to cut yourself off from, you should think again…


When you purchase your first dog/Malamute, you don’t have the full overview of what the dog can be used for, and what you want to participate in – such as carting, conformation show, backpacking ect..

This is something you get to realize, once the puppy gets older, and you see what activities other people do with their Malamutes.


If you don’t have a pedigree on your dog, you cannot participate in official activities.

Then it is just bad luck, standing there with your adult dog – and cannot participate.


Even more frustrating is the situation, when/if there are problems with the health or temperament.


Purchase without pedigree is the same as “you get what you see” – no guarantee for health, temperament, no knowledge of the parents, no knowledge of inheritable diseases.

No chance to complaint about faults – no help or support, when questions appear.


What if the dog is born with a malfunction, which will lead to expensive vet bills and a troublesome life for both dog and owner?

What if the dog shows a behaviour, which you do not know how to handle – “where did that come from?


Even though you know the conditions, where the pup has been raised, you have no chance to complaint or ask e.g., Danish Kennel Club. You have nowhere to turn to – no safety net...


There are just too many unresolved questions in order to recommend purchase without pedigree.


If you want to purchase a car. Would you not be suspicious to find a model with all the extras – just to a much lower price than other similar models?


By purchasing a puppy without pedigree, will only encourage and maintain this “industry” - whatever the reason is financial gain, or because it was an “oops-breeding”, it is not taken seriously.

No matter what, such a breeding is not based on hard, serious and dedicated work from a sincere breeder.


You are left to your own devices – in the long run this can be much more expensive than half price .. both economically and mentally...


It is a lottery ticket – sometimes you win – and sometimes you lose big time…

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