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Juneau's Moon Spirit - Luna

Date of Birth:
Long Coat
2004 Oct 31-
2015 Sep 03:
​Gray & White
36 kg
64 cm:
Clear ('05)
Not tested
Not tested

Luna is bred by kennel Juneau's.

Luna was the smallest of litter. To make any notice of herself, she had to make noise. And that she did, and still does… Luna is always ready to give her opinion, whether you want it or not - over and over again…
Luna was a pretty little thing as a puppy. And the more we looked at her, the more it was obvious, that she was not for sale.

Even though Luna was not in our breeding program, she had stolen her way into our hearts - and beds.. she was a keeper...

Luna was very loyal to her pack, no one should try to harm her pack. And not so welcoming to other dogs. If you were in her inner circle of trust - dogs and humans, she would run through fire and water for you.

The rest should keep their distance..

All through the years, Luna liked her mom, uncle and Frede, (Bitten's mom's dog, a Danish-Swedish farm dog), so it was with a deep breath, that we introduced Eddie to Luna..

Black hard eyes soon turned into a melted heart. Even though Luna would never admit it, she kind a liked Eddie - and missed him, when he was away for shows . She raised him to behave well..

Luna's purpose was to teach us, that  all malamutes cannot be treated  the same way - watch, learn and adapt to canine behavior and body language is essential to succeed.

Luna never showed any signs of obvious pain or discomfort, but at the end it was clear for us, that it was time to say "see you later, buddy.. run free with no pain"

This girl has teached us A LOT.  A special mind missed every day.

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