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Expectations to the puppy owner


We as breeders have put our lifeblood into each puppy, so we expect nothing less than a serious commitment from you as puppy buyer.

It takes a huge effort to shape and prepare each puppy to what they are, when they move to their new homes. This effort must be continued by you as new puppy owner..!

You will probably feel, that you will be asked questions not really relevant for your decision to buy a puppy at our kennel. This is not done to interfere with your lives - but exclusively for the concern of the puppy.

We are the ambassador of the puppy. Our most important job is to find the people most suited to take care of a puppy from us.

Of cause the future is not 100% certain, but it is of most importance for us, that the first years of the puppy's life are based on steady stable outer boundaries without too many radical changes. The inner and outer impacts are vital for the final result.

While we have the puppies at our place, we prefer as many visits from you as possible - geographical possible. This way you will get to know the puppies and us - and we get to know you better - hence a better possibility to match the right puppy with the right people...

Don't expect to get to choose your new puppy. You are welcome to say your choice, but we will make the final decision.

We spend our day every day with the puppies, and will know which one is the outgoing, adventurous type, and which one is the laidback easygoing type.
E.g. A high energetic puppy should not be placed in a family with children.
We will guide you to which puppy is right for you and your lifestyle; also give advice of how to enhance desired behaviour or tone down undesired behaviour.

Be honest with us - We will keep the right to annul any agreement right up until the puppy is ready to move out, if we in any way sense that things are not as it should be..
That is why we ask of you to be honest in all aspects, when we ask of living, job, children, health issues, other leisure interests.

It is better for all parties to cancel a puppy purchase, rather than feel, that you maybe are able to handle this new commitment, but as time goes by you realise that this was a greater commitment, than you can handle.. Valuable time for the puppy is lost forever.

Once the puppy has moved into your life, it is now time to see if all the information, that we have told you, has settle in your minds. Your actions will be our litmus paper - if we have performed our job satifactory.

When the puppy leaves our address, it does not mean, that you are on your own. Besides purchasing a puppy, you have also purchased a lifelong (the dogs life) subscription to a hotline.

No questions are stupid - it is better to ask 10 times to many rather than one time too late

Be sure, that we will follow up on you. If you don't contact us, we will contact you.
Again this is not that we don't trust you, but to be sure that everything is ok or to get to the concerns, before they turn into problems..

We expect, that you report back - both in the good times, and when things are difficult.
It is no disgrace to ask for help - on the contrary unforgiveable to face an overwhelming problem, which could have been avoided, if you have asked in time. We are here to help.
Be certain, if we do not hear from you - we will contact you...

Once you and we have settled an agreement of puppy purchase, it is because we believe that you have the ability, the will, the knowledge and the determination for this to succeed

- And we hope, you have chosen us, because you have confidence in us, and for what we stand for.

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