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Expectations to the breeder...


A breeder with kennel name associated to Danish Kennel Club, DKC is obliged to follow certain ethical and practical conditions set by the DKC, to follow legal guidelines and Danish existing laws.

Every breeder does things in their own way, but there should be some minimum level for ethical standard and quality for having adult dogs and puppies.

Puppy buyers are obliged to ask the breeder about relevant questions such as: How do the  adult dogs in the household live - Is it possible to see parents and puppies - Where are the puppies born - Will the pup try to wear a collar and go for a walk - Exposure to cars - Vacuum cleaner - children - Television - Lawn mower - Adult dogs - Other dogs - Other puppies - Vet visit - type of food - Agreements and Guarantees ect.

– and above all: guidance and assistance from the breeder, once the puppy has moved to his new home.

You should visit more than one kennel. What you see and hear at one place may not be the same the next place.

If possible, you should talk with people, who have bought a puppy at the kennel earlier – to hear their story of the progress of getting a puppy.


Trust your first impression. Do you feel comfortable with this place, people and dogs?

Do you feel you get “value for your money” in terms of good dialog, honest information and subsequence guidance & assistance?

Good dialog – is the conversation heading in the same direction?

You need to feel, that you and the breeder can communicate without misunderstandings and awkwardness.

The breeder needs to explain what is important for him - and  vice versa.

If you don’t understand, keep asking, until you get a clear answer.


Honest information – Does the breeder only speak positive about the breed and his dogs? Does everything stand out to be  lovely and perfect?

Or does the breeder also tell about less fortunate episodes with the dogs, health results, show results ect.
No breeder have only good experiences, good results and good health – be alert, if only “wonderful” stories are told..

Subsequence guidance & assistance – unforeseen situations will turn up during the upbringing, where you as puppy owner will need help and advice beyond your own knowledge. Will it be possible to contact the breeder..?

Does the breeder say “you can always call us” – or is the breeder willing to involve himself in the puppy’s life in his new home? Proactive action is more efficient than reactive action


Does the breeder talk about puppy events, where all the puppies with their new families are invited? Here is the perfect opportunity to meet the other puppy owners – to laugh and share stories. Many new friendships among puppy owners have started this way.

Ask the breeder to get a copy of the contract, so you can read the requirements in time, before signing the papers.

Ask the breeder about DKC puppy contract, and if the breeder uses an additional contract with requirements, guarantees and obligations are described.

You might have questions to the additional contract, which needs a deeper explanation.
Once the papers are signed, you and the breeder are bound to follow the written words due to Danish law.


Ask the breeder about the parents, reason of choice, the breeder’s expectations to the litter.

If reasons like “the female will settle down once she has a litter” or “the male lives conveniently close by” or “the kids really want, that we have a litter” – well then the thoughts behind the breeding plans are not that serious.


Ask if the breeder will use puppy test to evaluate the puppies. There are several tests, which will give a good indication of how the puppies will develop into adulthood. “Will this puppy be outgoing, adventurous type or laidback, easy going?”

Which tools can you as new owner use to enhance or down tone a certain desired behaviour?


Before leaving, let the breeder know, if you are interested, or if you need to think.

Also ask the breeder, if he would feel comfortable selling you a puppy, of if he needs to think

Make sure that both parties are on the same path before leaving.


After a visit at the breeder, you have received quite an amount of information. New questions will appear. You should not hesitate to contact the breeder again to get answers.


Please remember breeders are also human beings too – just with a special hobby..

No breeder will on full purpose produce a litter with expectations of bad results in any way..

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