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The Golden Litter 2013

Loba whelped 6 puppies - 4 males & 2 females - on July 4th 2013
All pups are spoken for to nice and dedicated homes.

CH Ootek's Game On

Sire: Ch. Standael's Samson
Dam: Ootek's Start Me Up


US Grand Champion
Born: 2010-02-14
Hips: Excellent
Elbows: Clear
Eyes: Clear (2012)
Polyneuropathy: Normal
Long Coat: Carrier
Owners: Lisa Panelli & Chris Burke
Link to Ooteks website

CH Juneau's Northern Light

Sire: Ch. Kinuk's He Has It All
Dam: Elizabeth Elwynn Stormyth


Danish Champion
Born: 2010-06-11
Hips: A
Elbows: 0
Eyes: Clear (2012)
Polyneuropathy: Normal
Long Coat: Clear
Owners: Bitten Poulsen & Camilla Almind
Info about Loba

Juneau's Heart of Gold
Juneau's California Dreamin'
Juneau's This Glitter IS Gold

Juneau's Golden Dream

Juneau's Gold Nugget

Juneau's California Gold Quest

Akela whelped 4 puppies - 1 female & 3 males - June 11 2010
All will be staying at great families

Thursday the 4th of July 2013 Loba whelped 6 beautiful and healty puppies.
She is taking excellent care of them all..

At the Regionals/Nationals in Denver 2010 Bitten saw Rafa for the first time. Rafa was about 9 months, and was entered in Sweepstakes 6-9 months at the regionals, which he won in flying colours. Lisa also entered him in "Bred By" class, where Rafa went 3rd in a huge class.
Rafa really showed his X-factor charisma with flying movements and nice attitude in his exquisite puppy body.

Rafa's dad, Samson, was entered in the champion class, and was rewarded AOM.
Seeing Samson, it was not hard to imagine, how Rafa would develope into a worthy representative to the breed.

This match between Rafa and Loba shows it self to be a good idea, the longer you go back in the pedigree. The Nanuke lines is well represented, and Williwaw is represented on both sides, which is a wish come true for us.
All this mixed with other lines, will be the foundation for a good and sound linebreeding on names with great legacy.

Lisa tells, that they are very outdoor active, and spend much time hiking with the dogs in the great nature, which surrounds them in California.
Rafa's mom, Missy has achieved the WPD title, and Lisa has plans to do the same with Rafa and his sister, Steffi.

Lisa describes Rafa as being a loving, sweet well balanced dog with a solid temperament.

Rafa and Loba are a great pheno type match, who will complimente eachother on the right issues and unite the strong sides. We are very excited to see, what this combination will bring..

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