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Juneau's Northern Light - Loba

BIS Puppy
Danish Champion
#3 Alaskan Malamute Female 2011,

#4 Alaskan Malamute Female 2012 (Danish Polar Breed Club)

Date of Birth:
Long Coat
2010 June 11 -
2022 Jan. 10

Gray & White
30 kg
60 cm:
A/A Excellent
Clear ('11, '12)
LC Clear
PN Clear

When the breeding between Haiko and Akela was a reality, we had a strong wish for a female, which should - like her mother - be in coownership.
Camilla & Carsten were ready for no. 3 in their pack, and were convinced they had their emotions under control. Maybe they wanted the female from the litter, if she could fit in the pack.. this attitude only lasted until, Camilla & Carsten were holding the sweet girl in their arms.. then they had lost their heart..

The little girl very quickly turned into Miss Loba.

From the start Loba has been running in highest gear. She would very much offer her help in everything you are doing - cooking, garden work, house cleaning. Super talented in handing out wet kisses and joyful jumps.

One should not be fooled by the pretty exterior, because instead lurks a bandit. If she can't get her way in one way, well then she is ready to try second or third choice.

Always full speed ahead. Loba loves the free runs together with her mom and uncle Balto at the open areas by Holbaek, where the socialization with other dogs is on daily basis - with great success.
Loba has less focus to run well behaved in the show leash... yet

We expect a lot of Loba in the future - keep an eye out for her in the show ring - both national and international - if you see a Northern Light passing by, then you know, who it is..


Loba whelped the Golden Litter in 2013. She took on a great job raising the 6 rascals..

The result of the combo Rafa/ Loba was all we could ever dream of. Wonderful temperaments, super health results, gorgeous exteriors, and the same eager to work like Rafa and Loba.

It would have been tempting to do a second breeding on Loba. But life takes its turns, and the opportunity never appeared again.

Loba now enjoys her senior life with her family ind Holbæk, now experiencing how annoying a youngster in the house can be - just like she was.

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